1. Processed products Factory: Our factory was established in 1995  to produce Frozen and chilled meat, and fresh cuts,  The plant is equipped with the most advanced machinery used for producing meat products such as burger, meatball, sausage, minced meat,  mortadella, pastrami, kebab, roast beef, frankfurter,…etc. Production is monitored by a quality assurance team that guarantees all manufactured products meet the high ISO and health standards. The diversity and wide range of our processed food products reflects on the company’s vision into becoming the trusted and leading resource for convenient quality Halal products locally and globally.
  2. Casings & Hanks Factory: Being an industry leader in the livestock industry, AlMawashi could not ignore the significance of derivative products such as casings & hanks. We process and distribute these products to regional and international markets, with Europe being one of the biggest importers of this commodity. 
  3. Organic Fertilizers (Bioganic) Factory: We also produce organic fertilizers in our Farms. Being considered organic, these fertilizers are pollution free, non-chemical and help maintain soil structure and are considered first choice for local farmers and agricultural entities locally and abroad. 
  4. Cultured Fodder Factory: We also produce, plant, and process green and cultured fodder, to cater our livestock daily consumption needs of high-quality fodder.